понеделник, 5 март 2012 г.

Chanel Paradoxl dupe-s :)

As you can see from the pictures below, I have 3 polishes, which could be called dupe, some more, some less... Model Own Purple Grey is the only one which doesn't look like Paradoxal at all!Pastel 69 is close, but the shimmer is more bluish...

Rimmel Hot List in my opinion is the best dupe of Chanel Paradoxal, almost the same base and 100% the same shimmer. So if you can't afford Chanel, can't find it, or don't want to give 20-30$ for a polish, just go with almost 10 times cheaper Rimmel!

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  1. Здравейте, имаме отворена програма за БЕЗПЛАТНО тестване на продукти от всички, които имат блогове за красота, мода и лайфстайл. Ако проявявате интерес може да се обърнете към нас на адрес: t.markova@parfimo.bg