неделя, 27 април 2014 г.

Superficially Colorful Enthralled

Let me introduce you another thermal beauty from Superficially Colorful  Mood Swings Collection.

I absolutely love it, this is the third time I wear it... I don't remember another polish that I worn more than two times in last 3-4 years!

This is how it looks like most of the time.

And when it's cold...

You can buy it from http://superficiallycolorful.com/.

понеделник, 21 април 2014 г.

Superficially Colorful Exalted

I got 3 gorgeous thermal polishes from fabulous Jin Jit. Today I will show you the first one.

Exalted is a nice white to pink lilac thermal polish with a strong thermal effect which I love!
This is how it looks like most of the time.

 And outside, it's still cold  :)

Next time I will show the next two polishes I got, I love them even more than this one.

You can buy this nail polish from http://superficiallycolorful.com/ the thermal collection is amazing!

неделя, 13 април 2014 г.

Chanel Vertigo

Chanel Vertigo is a good example of a nail polish  much prettier on a picture or in the bottle than in a real life...

It's thin, you have to be very careful when you apply it, it becomes streaky if you apply a thicker coat. And like all old Chanels it shows tip wear after 12 hours... definitely not my cup of tee :)

Flormar U32

Another stunning polish from Flormar's Supershine Miracle collection.

Flormar U32, 2 coats, no top coat.

събота, 12 април 2014 г.

Flormar U28 over OPI Done Out In Deco

I absolutely love Flormar's Supershine Miracle collection, but it was never released in Bulgaria. Such a shame, I think it's the best Flormar collection, ever. I add 2 coats of OPI Done Out In Deco, a coat of U28 and a coat of Seche Vite. This combo last a whole week with no chipping at all!

Tomorrow, I will show you another polish from this collection, like I said I love them!

събота, 28 юли 2012 г.

Dior Red Queen Satin

My new favorite shimmery red... I just love it, I love the old Dior brush and how it's glow in the sun... I think this will be my main polish for next Christmas.
And the best thing is that it's one coater... the perfect red!!!!!!!!

неделя, 22 юли 2012 г.

The strongest purple holo ever :)

I think I found Gosh Holographic in purple :))))

Perfect Holographic color in purple has the same holo effect as Gosh Holographic or even stronger... It's gloppy, application is awful, but the effect is absolutely stunning...

Unfortunately these polishes was produced in 2005-2008 and are long time discounted... I found my bottle from another holo lover, only you can understand how happy could made you a half a bottle of old polish :)))))))))))))

So, the best purple holo ever in pictures.